The artist residency CAT (“Community Art Team”) Cologne was founded in 2010 as a non-profit organization.

CAT Cologne supports international emerging artists working in the field of social practice and community engaged work. During a working grant to spend 1-3 months in Cologne, artists are invited to realize a process-oriented project that picks up issues that are specific to context and engages with local communities. Each project closes with a small publication and a final presentation. A number of social events such as Dinner Parties and Brunches are part of the framing program.

The project’s task is to support the dialogue between diverse communities and engage them to their own constructive activism by providing clever and creative ways of participation.

“Art is a safe place to start difficult conversations.” (Mariam Ghani, artist, NYC).

There is a lot art cannot achieve directly. But when it‘s difficult to talk, art can be a way to reach out. Trial and error by means of art can be an effective tool for activation and engagement and to find contemporary definitions of citizenship. At a time of national conflicts and global issues, let‘s be global citizens. Let‘s use art practice as a global tool of communication and for creating Communities.