Our CATucation program addresses especially students in the age of orientation for their future career path. Main targets of the program are to mediate the working filed of the arts to teenagers and young adults and to sensitize them for alternative perspectives. By means of artistic practice they are encouraged to test their creative expression in a collaborative environment.




The program sets a focus on the potential for subtle shifts of perspective. With this, key skills such as a sense of responsibility and consciousness for one’s own actions, decisions, initiative and engagement as well as self-consciousness to find creative solutions are stimulated.



As an additional outcome, students gain access to and are directly involved in the mostly enclosed scene of contemporary art. Through direct encounters and involvement in the projects, the usually rather romanticized artistic practice and career is made traceable.



Besides workshops that are organized in direct conjunction with the current projects (taking place at CAT Cologne and in the context of teaching units at school), informal discussions with artists and other professionals are organized. Artists give insights to their personal career, experience and working routine and offer students a possibility to learn about potential options within the arts / the art market.