Open Call for Interviewees

During his time at CAT (Community Art Team) Cologne, artist-in-residence Zwoisy Mears-Clarke will be looking at the manifestation of ‘nationhood’ culminating in the creation of a new contemporary German folk dance. Central to this folk dance is the people of Germany, and we are seeking Cologne residents to share their personal German history with Zwoisy as a first step to creating the final piece.

About the project: With this new folk dance, the artist is acknowledging and celebrating the German community that has developed within the last 75 years as a region of land with ever-changing borders. Instead of looking at geography to understand where Germany is or has been, it’s about the word “community”, or rather where does the community responsibility lie? As a starting point, it might lie between those that identify as West/East/Afro Germans, Wendekinder, descendants of migrant workers, those previously considered migrant workers, Roma/Sinti persons, refugees, expatriates/immigrants as well as (due to Germany’s colonial history) Namibians, Burundians, Tanzanians, Cameroonians, Ghanaians, and the Togolese.

The histories of these peoples within Germany are weaved together in so many different ways. This folk dance will distill the current interlacing with special attention to the history of the how, when, and where these threads overlapped.

Get involved: If you are a (legal or illegal) resident of Cologne, you are invited to join Zwoisy for tea at CAT Cologne any time in March for an hour-long interview about your own personal German history.

To participate, please call 0172 82 666 58 or send an email to with the subject “Me and My German History” with a proposed date and time in March for the interview. You will then receive a confirmation email with further details. Possible languages for the interview are English and German.

Save the date for the final performance of the folk dance on April 14, 2018.