CAT supports the dialogue between the diverse communities of Cologne and facilitates access to contemporary art. Everyone is welcome to take part. As a non-for-profit organization, we invite all members to our annual meeting at which the program and its developments are discussed and decisions on content and organizational issues are made conjointly.

We are happy to welcome new members who wish to support our team! Send us an email to:

Membership (March 1 – February 28):

  • regular members: 24 Euro
  • students: 12 Euro
  • active members: 100 Euro (incl. one catalogue of each of the four projects)
  • supporting members: 250 Euro (incl. one catalogue of each of the four projects and the edition of the year)
  • premium members: 500 Euro (incl. one catalogue and one edition of each of the four projects)


bank details:

Deutsche Bank

account nr.:  5381900

BLZ: 37070024


IBAN: DE30 370 700 2405381900 00