ARTEFACTING // CAT Bar // Lecture/Discussion // February-March 2015


In the framework of our weekly CAT Bar and together with the US-American artist Alex White Mazzarella we will present a selection of former projects by his initiative ARTEFACTING.

In Oaxaca (Mexico), Kohima (Nagaland, India), Long Island City (New York, USA), Detroit (USA), Dharavi (Mumbai, India), Gurgaon (New Dehli, India) and Rome (Italy) – amongst others – Artefacting collaborates with local partners and communities in order to facilitate social change corresponding to the site-specific conditions and needs.

18th March: Nueva Patria – Oaxaca: Reconstituting a Community through Facilitation an Social Animation

“Reconstitution” is an initiative and now neighborhood-based way of life that uses dialogue and public art to sustain and grow the building of community. Relations and friendships were facilitated between neighbors, and are now sustained through building leadership, collective work and continuing three project fields of 1) Murals 2) Farming and 3)Recovering public spaces as means of improving quality of life. The “cell” of neighbors grows and sustains this cultural movement through bringing projects and spaces to life, and through properly accommodating the skills and abilities of visiting artists and creatives.

11th March: The Akhada – Gurgaon: Public Art as a platform for Mobilizing Citizens

In a small village under heavy pressure by economic forces, land art, video projections and spaces for inclusive dialogue were produced with and for residents. For residents of Tigra Village, these dialogues and events served as a momentum enabling a cell of members to self-organize and create an Akhada (traditional wrestling space) on the rooftop of an unused building.

4th March: Communication Towers – Kohima & Lillestrom: Facilitating Civic Dialogue in Public Space

A collaboration between senior artists, youth and activists produced a range of cultural productions; modern day wind chimes, modern fashion performance, traditional dance, photography series and art installations. The material was presented together, transforming a dilapidated trash-filled green space into a social and cultural space for the youth and public. From this event was born an actual vision as to how in an increasingly populated Kohima can re-utilize this as a space for inclusive public life.

25th February: Football Stadium – Willets Point: Reclaiming Public Space for Communal Use

In an auto junkyard, a vacant lot was cleaned and transformed into a soccer stadium to host a tournament of 24 teams representing local auto shops as part of a festival. After the tournament locals installed goals and painted lines and introduced gardens, boardgames and furniture as a self-defined civic center. The Willets Point soccer tournament is now self organized by workers and has happened yearly since the inception in 2011.

11th February: Hope & Elements of Post Industrial Power – Detroit: Regenerating Together Through Peace

In Detroit’s east side, diverse community members reclaimed an abandoned lot and house, coming together through creating positive messages on peace flags set to fly above the abandoned home.

4th February: 18th Compound Exhibition – Dharavi: Art as a Means of Breaking Down Stigma

A three month collaborative between locals and international artists culminated with the 13th Compound multi-media exhibition; a one-day event that drew approximately 500 visitors into a place known notoriously as “Asia’s largest slum”, to experience its humanity and learn about its dynamic recycling industry. From the exhibition was born the willingness of business owners to create an educational space for art and skills building.