Ronit Porat // Artist meets Archive // March-May 2019


Israeli artist Ronit Porat has been invited to a residency with CAT Cologne from March until May 2019, which takes place in the frame of the Photoszene programme „Artist Meets Archive“ and in collaboration with the Kölnisches Stadtmuseum. Ronit Porat will do research in preparation of her upcoming exhibition at the Kölnisches Stadtmuseum during Photoszene-Festival in May. For this installation she will use cut images as well as personal photographs to create new stories and make historic boundaries visible.


During her residency, CAT Cologne will function as a letter box and a space for encounters. Incoming mail, postcards and stories will be used as artistic elements just like historic materials from the archive.

Our upcoming public events offer opportunities to turn in postcards and exchange with the artist in person:
Dinner Party: Wednesday, March 27, 7–11pm (rsvp at
Brunch: Sunday, April 28, noon–4pm (walk in)
CAT Cologne, Weißenburgstr. 35, 50670 Köln


The exhibition will take place from May 4th until July 14th in the frame of Artist Meets Archive, a project of Internationale Photoszene Köln, at Kölnisches Stadtmuseum.


Ronit Porat (*1975 in Kibbutz Kfar Giadi, northern Israel) lives and works in Tel Aviv. She studied Photography and Digital Media at Hadassah College in Jerusalem, as well as Fine Art at the Chelsea School of Art and Design in London.

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