Camilo Pachón // October-November 2019


During his residency in Cologne, Pachón will research about the local culture and the specifics of the Cologne carnival. His interest is particularly in the groups, the traditions and cultural expressions which form the epistemological context for his work. As Pachón often applies methos of working collectively and encourages participation of local communities, the project will comprehend workshops and exchange with local initiatives, such as BorderlessTV. As a collective, they will create costumes and a kind of fictional world, in which symbolic markers and individual elements will be determined and realized in the group.


Camilo Pachón (*1985, in Bogotà) is a visual artist whose work is an anthropological exploration of contemplative, characterized proposals, in which the viewer is immersed in a universe that goes beyond the image, full of recurring themes, rituals and spiritual characters. His recent project called ‚Beyond the Carnival‘ is an approach to the spirit of Barranquilla’s Carnival in Colombia, the second largest carnival in the world, where its tradition throughout history has had strong connections with similar African expressions, and where the trance of the individual is the fundamental basis for the experience and the costumes are its vehicle.

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