Daan den Houter // July-September 2019


During his residency in Cologne, Den Houter will continue his artistic work in the interplay of time, experience and cognition. By creating objects, installations and situations he confronts viewers and participants with artistic processes in which he aims to find elemets of „truth“. Whereas in science, forms of logic are applied to find this truth, he explains “This is what I believe is the purpose of art; find the truth without logic. The best artwork would be a work that all people would ‘understand’. The reason why can’t be explained because it’s truth is based in non-logic. It’s my believe that it’s impossible to do anything without reason and so it’s impossible to make the perfect artwork. So just like science searching for ‘the truth’ and knowing never to find it, art has the same problem. But both worlds develop and discover new things.“


Sunday, July 21st, non-4pm (with artist presentation)
Sunday, September 22nd, noon-4pm (with film screening)

Dinner Party:
Wednesday, September 4th, 7-11 pm (rsvp at info @ catcologne.org)



Daan den Houter (*1977, Netherlands) is a multidisciplinary artist that works and lives in Rotterdam. Before he went to art school, he studied Artificial Intelligence. In this study he found the basics for his work as an artist; the subjective way we look and adapt the world and the big influence of the sub conscious mind on our consciousness, fascinates Den Houter. His works explore the way we adapt and look at the (art-) world and generate perspective changes on most common, daily stuff.

More about the artist at http://www.daandenhouter.com

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