Adam J. Scarborough // “Imagining-No-Place” // Oktober-November 2015


In the course of the project, Adam J Scarborough invited passer-bys to draft a “Community” of the future.

The panel for his conversations took the shape of a mobile pop-up island, which was placed in public spaces in Cologne. Packed with a range of materials for this ride into the future, the island functioned as a performative projection of ideas of sustainability and visions of an ideal place and people of the future.

“How would we draft a nation?”, “What would its consitution look like”, “What would we eat?”, “How and what sources of energy would we use”, “How would our flag look like”, “How would the climate be like?” or “What sort of technology would be around?”

We live in a world of continual change and challenge: our political system doesn’t seem to represent us; new systems for providing energy seem distant and unachievable; our food systems are becoming ever more unsustainable; new migration patterns are putting more pressure on resources; our education systems are becoming ever more marketised and less accessible for lower classes; social security is becoming more and more eroded as privitisation takes hold. How can we find a way to deal with these issues in a productive and sustainable way?

With this project, Adam J Scarborough will bring expert knowledges from a variety of fields to build a new utopian space, an island, that will use the most advanced technological solutions and theoretical ideas to create a new practical space for future thinking.


Adam J Scarborough (*1984 in Natwich, UK) studied creative writing and theater at the University of Glasgow. Text, performance and interaction are significant tools in his practice – using art as a medium for communication and to facilitate social change. Activating opinions and participation at democratic processes are his main target. He often uses installation or performances in the public sphere as a playful catalyst for “direct action” or “live democracy”. Besides his artistic practice he is part of the Center for Artistic Activism CAA (, New York, USA) where he takes the role of a Community Organizer and coordinator for projects and “Creative Activism Workshops” taking place around the globe, especially mediating in between artists and activists.

Scarborough has contributed to international exhibitions such as the BE Festival (Birmingham), first-site (Colchester), Xero, Kline & Coma (London), chashama (New York City) and MeetingInZdonov (Zdonov, Tschechien). He lives and works in Madrid.