“Noordkaap” // November 2012


In 2012 CAT Cologne, together with JACK IN THE BOX, cooperated with the Dutch artist initiative Noordkaap.

Noordkaap had been touring since 2011 with a growing exhibition on the subject of Populism around Europe. A group of international artists organized at all steps of the tour video works, interventions, installations and performances. With this they reacted on local phenomenons and current social developments. After Munich and Istanbul and their stop in Cologne, the tour continued in Lisbon and Budapest and ended with a final show at Dordrecht.

Part of the Cologne presentation were new as well as existing works by Arturo Hernández Alcázar (Mexico City), Hans van den Ban (Amsterdam), Nada van Dalen (Dordrecht), Dan Dryer (Keulen), Foundland (Amsterdam), Fabian Hesse (Munich), Oliver Kunkel (Cologne), Daan den Houter (Rotterdam), Filippo Minelli (Brescia), Federico D’Orazio (Den Bosch/ Bangkok) and Art van Triest (Utrecht).

In each city the traveling group of artists looked for ways to engage with the local art scene and to extend their program. In each place Noordkaap published a newspaper. Besides the presentation of works in Cologne, there was a publication including an article by Benjamin Dürr (journalist), Lotje Dercksen (Researcher IKON TV) and the philosopher Gebroeders Meester (amongst others). The cartoon for the publication was made by Aimée de Jongh, Rotterdam.

Stiftung Noordkaap, founded in 2003, is and artist initiative from Dordrecht, Netherlands. Since 2010 Noordkaap develops a program of exhibitions and projects on Populism. The program focuses on the effects of Populist influences towards a European society.

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