Ana Mendes // February-March 2018


On the artist’s request we will announce details of the project at a later stage.


Ana Mendes (*1973, Tomar, Portugal) studied Fine Art and Performance at the University of Beira Interior, Lisbon, the Bauhaus University, Weimar, Goldsmiths College, London and the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm. She has received countless prizes and taken part in residency programmes. Her artistic work can be described in many ways as a “work in progress”, as she likes to apply the same fundamental concept in various contexts. She mostly works with performance methods, but also employs elements of photography, film, drawing and installation. Her projects usually involve a phase of intense research or entail research and the collection of materials/knowledge in the conception of the projects themselves. Recurring themes in Mendes’ work are feminism, post-colonialism and (social) history.



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