Saturday, 31st May from 4pm: upcycling with Agente Costura
7pm: Fashion Orchestra
Venloer Straße 24 50672 Köln
drinks & snacks..

Lisa Simpson // “Pop Up Upcycling Studio” // May 2014

Lisa Simpson sets up her itinerant upcycling studio in Cologne for a one day durational performance. During the afternoon you are invited to bring your clothes for transformation into unique textile sculptures, bringing new life to old garments. This is your chance to restyle clothes to fit you better!

we turn your wardrobe upside down and inside out
and right side up again
we turn your skirt into a dress and your dress into a skirt
we make new clothes from old clothes
we tailor any garment to your body type
we get you the clothes you’ve always wanted but never imagined
we make it all up on the spot!

Come along just to have a look, or join in the transformation! It’s easy:
1. Go through your wardrobe and pick out the garments that you have but do not wear.
2. Bring them in and explain what it is that stops you from wearing them.
3. Watch as your garment is reconstructed and adapted to your desires!

In the evening Lisa invites local musicians to participate in Fashion Orchestra, a musical sewing performance. The sewing machine is turned into percussion instrument, stitching together improvisational sewing and improvised music, amplifying the sound of making clothes. Imposing rhythm and composing garments live and to the beat, the performance celebrates spontaneity and collaboration, an ephemeral moment shared between performers and audience.