Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann // Recalling Home // September-December 2018


“Recalling Home” is looking at home as a place and concept from two fundamentally different though interconnected perspectives. Starting from the political challenge to defend ones immediate living environment and existence, the focus of the project is redirected towards the personal destiny, subjective sensation and the individual handling of developing and defining a new home within a social context.

Two filmmakers (Somar Jbawi, *1972 in Damascus, and Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann, *1985 in Bonn, lives in Nairobi/Kenya) are giving insights into their personal life experiences and circumstances. Central subjects to both of them are their living environment related to the geographical, human and cultural context as well as their experiences with loss, fugacity and thread to this home.

Both artists have found their own cinematic language to take the spectators at the hand and challenge them at the same time. While Jbawi elaborates on this in mediating an almost documentary image of personal stories and physical places in Syria, Ndisi-Herrmann’s approach is focused on a poetic and quite subjective language and a rather psychological concept of home, thus mediating a fictional experience of being welcome and secure.

The project is conceptualized as a collaboration of Jbawi, Ndisi-Herrmann and Felipe Castelblanco along with CAT Cologne’s ongoing initiative BorderlessTV, a media initiative by refugees and young people who produce short films, reports and experimental formats together with local filmmakers. Together they will produce a new film about the loss of home from the perspective of exile but also the poetry of arrival in a new country and the development of a new home in bits and pieces.

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The film will be premiered on December 15th 2018, 6-9pm

at Filmforum NRW at Museum Ludwig.


Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann (*1985 in Bonn, lives in Nairobi/Kenya) is an artist employing the craft of poetry, filmmaking and photography. Drawn to narratives about childhood, memory and women, she has an interest in psychic ancestry, spirituality and the rhythm of the ocean. Philippa-Ndisi’s work is a mélange of fiction and documentary, often autobiographical elements, thus creating an ambivalent perspective with a great poetic language.

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