Joël Verwimp // “Rückwärts Filmen” // April-June 2017


Almost everybody had an idea for a film yet.
‘Rückwärts Filmen’ (filming backward) however is not about filming backward physically but about making short films while the whole process is elaborated the other way around. We start with already existing films and work through the initial script. The project aims to give insights to the actual process of making a film, including decisions and steps, to a broad audience. Given that videos are almost always accessible by using our smartphones, the project focuses on experimental working techniques that relate to the environment and the conditions of technical devices in use. A first step will be to make a collection of videos in order to consequently develop a language pattern of its own.

The project is substantially accompanied by a sense of humor and reflection in order to make the experience of a story worth telling a fun time for the group. Workshops are open for all participants. Joining and dropping out of the group any time possible.


CAT Cologne // Weißenburgstraße 35, Köln and Pico Kiosk // Neusser Platz, Cologne


Public Workshops // starting daily at 11am each – open end
Tuesday, 4th, to Thursday, 6th April
Friday, 12th, to Sunday, 14th May
Sunday, 4th, to Tuesday, 6th June

Final presentation during PLAY/III Video & Performance Festival
Friday, 30th June, 7pm
Film-Presentation and Live-Performance-Event in collaboration with all actors, directors and writers involved in the project.


Joël Verwimp (*1972, Belgien) Initially trained as a visual artist and cook, Verwimp is currently doing research into forms of complicity and is since 2014 curatorial director of the Maria de Robe Collection. His work is recognised for the pressing manner in which he explores personal and societal notions of friendship and repair through an artistic practice that involves assemblages, reparations and appropriation. In 2011 he co-initiated the MPA-B (Month of Performance art) and co-founded the Association for Performance art in Berlin. Verwimp makes art since 1998, initiates and runs art organisations, writes, curates, edits, collects, publishes and lectures. He has presented his work in galleries, in public space, Kunsthalle, artist run space, universities, communal art centres, at the theatre, conference room, museum, biennale, AIR, Kunstverein, art fair, theater, and film festivals.

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