ComeTogetherProject // “Zwischen Plattenbau und Jägerzaun” //  July-August 2012


This project took pace “between blocks and woods” and was hosted by the youth center “Glashütte” in Köln-Porz. We’ve been thrilled by the attraction which Glashütte has on their local environment from the very beginning. In-between large tower buildings the center is a symbol for an open and green meeting place. There are numerous studios and perfect conditions to get to work…


The artist collective ComeTogetherProject which works across Germany rounded up the team. ComeTogether organizes events in public space across the city and allows passerbys to jump in with no restrictions. The artists Julia Maiquez Esterlich, Hermes Villena and Hanno Mühlenbach continued exactly this practice also here.

ComeTogether designed a program of workshops and events for the kids at Glashütte arounds the subject of environment.

There were 44 kids and jung adults between 9 and 16 years who build sculptures with concrete and wood or made collages and paintings fusing found and everyday objects into these works. They visited the local market to prepare lunches, had a tour through the Museum Ludwig and made an expedition in the forests. All of this following the idea of conscious and sustainable handling of resources which often can be found right in front of our doors. During the project the kids saved their experiences and observations in sketch books and with analog photo cameras.


streetart, skateboard, landart, photography, sculpture, interactinos, interventions, film, discussions, audio, performance, food..

There was a final presentation at Glashütte eine Abschlusspräsentation with a nice barbecue for all participants, parents and visitors.


CAT Cologne also organized an exhibition of all works which derived from the project. During the opening the kids designed their own exhibition catalogues.

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